The man with a tattoo on his face, his quote books is probably longer than his rap sheet.
"I'm not much for talking. You know what I do. I put guys in body bags when I'm right."
by KRHimself May 31, 2004
to rage and beat the hell out of someone that has pissed you off
"If you keep talking trash man, im gonna go mike tyson on your ass"
by vavillain August 28, 2006
Mike Tyson AKA Prime Owns people.
Mike tyson took cat with 5headshots
by alaNI April 14, 2008
This term is used in English 8 ball pool where the last ball to be potted is the black. The term describes a particularly tough black.
Person 1: Looks like John's won this game.
Person 2: Yeah but he's got to pot that Mike Tyson first.
by Ben Gee June 17, 2007
A girl that bites durring the act of a blow job.
I like that girl jane.

No dude stay away from her, she is a mike tyson!
by HNGSOLO July 31, 2009
When you punch her in the face, and do whatever the fuck you want.
I totally Mike Tyson'ed that bitch last night, and she was out for hours.
by TheRedRussian October 27, 2011
Biting of a person's ear when you are in a fight that you are apparently loosing.
Kevin got knocked down while fighting and when he got up he grabbed Sean and did a Mike Tyson.
Also see Chris Brown
by SweetEpiphany April 14, 2009

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