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idiot (igit) who downgrades to a dumbass. Can't see what's right in front of him because he's too tall & has a pea-sized brain. Also EXTREMELY bi-polar & can never make up his mind. Very arrogant, but caring. The most respectful-pervert you will ever meet.
Paula is in love with Josh who is being an idiot.

Josh is stupid, he was an idiot, but now he's a dumbass.
by crazyychickk001 December 05, 2010
chicken vagina

in some cases may be referred to the noise chickens make when they have sex
Daryl loves her pio.

When Paula screams it's like pio.

They just can't wait to get more pio.
by crazyychickk001 December 05, 2010
when a girl (or guy) give a guy head with mentos and coke in her mouth.
she gave him a rabbid dog. She said it was sooo gross! & veryy messy.

When she gave him a rabbid dog, coke, mentos & cum were everywhere!
by crazyychickk001 December 03, 2010
when a guy eats out a girl & randomly out of nowhere bites her vagina.
Thomas pulled a mike tyson the other day.

Her vagina hurt because her boyfriend pulled a mike tyson.
by crazyychickk001 December 05, 2010

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