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a hairy beast with an 80's fro, kinda looks like a goon, loves spongebob and pig squealing music,likes girls with big tits, looks like the guy from juno when he sings in front of people, resides on the wet side, owns a dog who likes to hump girls with big asses. mike is the kind of guy that makes you scream "LITTLE PISSER!", and he will drink all of your orange juice so watch out!
"hey! who drank all of my orange juice??!"

"oh it was that mike kid!"
by poopfaceasshole February 08, 2009
96 130
Mike is my best friend. With a fairly large dick and is a manwhore. Black, fershure. And yet, the coolest guy to be around.
"Whos that blackie over there?"

'Oh.. its just mike."
by WHOREEE69 June 07, 2010
25 60
Mike Malone seems like the perfect, amazing, handsome guy that you are best friends with, but then he seems to decide that its okay to break your heart and ruin your friendship! Then you are never friends again and he hates you and tries to ruin your life.
Friend: Its okay hunny, he's just a mike.
by cupcakesrockmysocksoff143 January 08, 2011
9 47
This is an unusual term to some, but I will help to elaborate. Mike is someone who's penis is generally "above average" in girth. Mike is a male, and is most certainly not a dike and he sometimes rides a bike. People love Mike, he is a funny mother fucker. Mike typically has a best friend named Avery who doesn't take shit from anyone. I love Mike, and want to have sex with anyone who's name is Mike.
Mike is the balls, he keeps me going in life.

When I got out of the shower, I looked down and thought I was Mike
by Ding Dong Dick October 15, 2010
18 56
a total acid freak. doesn't ask a girl out until she literally hands him a condom. sucks at halo. superior music taste. imma marry him.
Man, I heard Mike was a total acid freak.

Yeah, he can go an hour without doin' a thing.
by toy truck September 25, 2010
15 53
a man with an extremely small penis
"Is it in yet"-Girl
"O u must be a Mike"-Girl
by Is it a word i can say? February 16, 2006
172 212
a kind of bowel movement, at least a three and golden brown, the kind of brown you want your marshmellows.
"Hey check this out"
"Woah, nice mike"
by mike zylstra January 16, 2008
720 761