A girl name, in this case. Extremely sarcastic, never afraid to show off around guys and be who she is. Loves to dance and sing, even if it looks or sounds awful. Has many haters but isn't afraid to cuss them out. Eats as much as she wants but somehow never gets fat. Has a dirty mind and mostly uses it around friends. Of those friends are people that admire her dearly. Micah loves attention and will do a lot for it. She falls for guys easily because of how much she is a flirt. Flirts with many guys and sometimes does not realize it. She mostly loves attention from guys. She can only trust a few people. One of those people that can cheer you up in the worst moment ever and she will twist it to make it funny and put a smile on your face. Gives good advice depending on the situation. Can relate to most situations. Says something that pretends like she never said it. May seem evil but has a heart deep, deep, deep, deep down. Has her insecure moments but only shows them to her close friend. An all around amazing girl who loves to wear cute clothes.
(Micah climbs on top of car around boys athletic team)
Micah: Hey!! Hey guys!
Friend: Micah!!!! Get your ass down here, nobody is paying attention to you. You can stop showing off.
Micah: No i like it up here! My crotch itches.
Friend: Nobody wants to hear that and nobody is paying attention to you so just get down.
Micah: Too Bad
by 898989pop343434 February 25, 2012
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From the Bible, means one who is like God.
As God says to Micah your in my image, treat everyone as I would.
by 253098 November 05, 2006
A guy who knows exactly what he wants. He is extremely sexy and athletic. He is a classic gentleman, but funny when he needs to be. He is sometimes quiet, but not in a negative way.
Oh my God, that guy is such a Micah!
by kb21489 February 15, 2010
Describing someone or something that is a new level of uber coolness, rad, sweet, or "the it."

It can also replace any appropriote verb and have no intentions whatsoever
"Dood, that concert was soooo micah."

"I am definately in love with her. I just like how she's so nice, caring, yet she's hawt and totally micah."

"y0u c@n fr3@k!n c@n !t 0r !'11 micah y0ur f@c3"

idioticfreak#1: im gonna go micah your sister!
idioticfreak#2: shut up, or you'll wish you were micahd!
by dontchawishyouknew September 15, 2007
when roughly translated from its language of origin Mandarin Chinese, it can be found to mean "the shit"
that sweater vest is totally micah
by newslang1111 March 01, 2009
the hottest man of God!
check out that micah!
by lost in the midst November 19, 2008
A Micah is a person who is extremely sexxyyy and likes to sleep in one person sleeping bags, hes extremely good in bed. When you see a Micah on the street the most common reaction is "damnnnn i'd tap that 10 times"
Oh my fucking god did you see that Micah down the street?
by catfoodlol March 21, 2010
A girl or boy name. Girl name: Awesome, Hot, Amazing, The Bomb, THe Sh!t
Boy Name: Cool, popular, amazing, gangster
That AMAZING girl over there, her name is Micah.
That cool guy at that party was named Micah
by TheShiiiiiitttttt:] May 28, 2009

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