The term "micah" is derived from the ancient Mayan culture meaning "bad-ass". The name was given to all the elders and highly respected people of the community who are far superior than anyone else. It was custom in the Mayan villages for all the hottest females to line in in rows of 4 to give pleasure to this supreme being named micah. The reason it was 4 people is because People named micah are usually well-endowed and know how to used their gift. Micah's were also very wealthy and enjoyed a nice glass of scotch from time to time.
"A group of random beautiful females: OMG! there's that guy named micah! Let's go service him."

A group of random strangers. "OMG! There's that micah dude, lets give him all our money!"
by Micahdykajackoffsen December 31, 2011
An amazing person. Probably the greatest friend in the whole world. The planet could not survive without Micah. Respect him and cherish every moment you spend with him. Put your trust with Micah. And never forget this person. Remember at times he can be 'special.'
Person 1: Hey what are you doing?

Person 2: Having the greatest time with Micah!
by ILikeDoorKnobs June 21, 2011
The coolest person alive usually with the last name Dalton and is like soo cool he is just the best
Person 1: Hey do you know Micah
Person 2: Yeah is he that cool kid?
Person 3: Omg yeah he is
by Tomisg August 17, 2010
Micah means a awesome guy with the best personality, he is loyal, and is a good friend. things that make him admirable is his fly personality, his great fashion choices, his amazing hair, and his pure sexiness.
Wow! look at that guy over there he is a total Micah!
by A fly guy with awesome hair March 04, 2015
The coolest cousin ever. Very well known as "Kid Rob."

Things that make him "Kid Rob" are the following:

-Riding a three wheel scooter with boxing gloves on.
-Riding down the street with one roller blade on.
-Riding on a scooter in the middle of the street with a laundry basket on his head and two shirts on.
-listening to loud rap music sitting on the car door and drinking warm watermelon Gatorade in the D&W parking lot.
-And the list goes on and on....
"Did you see kid rob the other day?"
"No I didn't. What was he doing?"
"What? You didn't? Mannn what WASN'T he doing?"
"That Micah kid...Dude he's just the coolest."
by buttmuncher3000 January 23, 2010
Someone who loves sex, and is sexy, af
Micah: Hey babe! Wanna go all the way tonight? Babe: I would love to with you
by PaJ4m4su September 04, 2015
A awesome girl. She's really athletic, pretty,smart,and is honest. She never gives up on a person. She never doubts them. She has style. She's a very attractive girl. And plays hard to get. Your very lucky if you have yourself a Micah.🙌
Wooo.!! Look at that girl right there, she looks like a Micah.
by _whats_itWorth July 19, 2014

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