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The most beautiful woman you could ever dream of. Micah has the most beautiful pair of eyes. They're like vast oceans. Micah has a perfect personality and body. She is very sweet and we're getting married. Micah is the girl everyone should strive to be. She is very kinky.
I hate you, Micah.
by Capn JoJo July 05, 2012
5 8
a hot, short, yet loud ass black girl with a big butt and boobs. G-H-E-T-T-O fabulous, yet acts sweet and innocent. Should be ashamed, but hey, atleast she's hot. But ghetto. And whiny.
Can be spelled Mica, Mayka, Micha, Mycah or Myca.
Guy 1: Who the hell is being that loud?!
Guy 2: That fine chick, Ibet she's a Micah.
Guy 1: Damn, its that hot girl? Well, her fine ass makes up for that loud squawkin' comin' outta her mouth.
by banginballz February 09, 2012
5 16
1. likes to suck manapua. 2. gives really good advice on guys. 3. wears da boxers i gave him cuz CAN!
dat faka is one MICAH!
by mrs. sanchez#6 June 26, 2010
6 30
A Word to replace the word "Fail"
You're such a Micah.

You Micahed That.
by Teh Black Ninja May 05, 2011
8 46
A mexican who likes to play drums
eat tacos. and has 5 dogs
did you hear that micah beat?

man you better run past the border micah.

If you go to mexico make sure you say hey to micah
by Dizzleshizzle April 18, 2008
57 149
The coolest red head you will ever meet ever.
Sometimes crazy, but awesome.
A crazy bitch; and spawn of satan.
Can hxc dance better than eanyone you know.
Can crowd surf better than anyone you know.
Pretty much just amazing.
Dude, that chick over there is soooo micah.

Damn, she can dance like a micah.

by Mclovin Fogel January 07, 2008
41 171
a guy that plays too many video games and whose douchey-ness is beyond comprehension
Man, that kid is such a micah. he sucks at life.
by Deborah Kilgallin September 28, 2006
130 375