The sweetest most encouraging girl in the world. She would do anything for her friends just to make sure they were happy. She's super pretty and knows how to have a good time. She gets all the hot guys.
Dude that chick was a micah.

Hun, you better stay away from her man. She's micah.
by sonya sunny December 07, 2011
The most beautiful woman you could ever dream of. Micah has the most beautiful pair of eyes. They're like vast oceans. Micah has a perfect personality and body. She is very sweet and we're getting married. Micah is the girl everyone should strive to be. She is very kinky.
I hate you, Micah.
by Capn JoJo July 05, 2012

A medical condition in which the testicles are of an unusual size. Balls of a size and proportion outside of the social norm. Non-Standard Nuts, giving the appearance of abnormally enlarged and/or swollen scrotum.
The vasectomy nurse pulled back the sheet an exclaimed to the doctor "my god check out the Micahs on this one"; to the patient she said "are they always this enlarged and swollen"?
by thegregster March 24, 2010
The name Mica(h) is the accepted abbreviated form of the name Michaiah.

The name Mica(h) consists of two parts. The first bit is mi, the common inquisitive particle that seeks after identity: who?
The second part is ka,to be disheartened or frightened. Which makes the name Micah seem to say: Who Is Afraid?
Bring forth Mica(h)/Miciah
by afterdarkhours February 08, 2011
A complete asshole that likes to touch his friends. Usually Micah's are classy and think there better than anyone else.
That kid is a micah
by Duckadurk January 18, 2015
a hot, short, yet loud ass black girl with a big butt and boobs. G-H-E-T-T-O fabulous, yet acts sweet and innocent. Should be ashamed, but hey, atleast she's hot. But ghetto. And whiny.
Can be spelled Mica, Mayka, Micha, Mycah or Myca.
Guy 1: Who the hell is being that loud?!
Guy 2: That fine chick, Ibet she's a Micah.
Guy 1: Damn, its that hot girl? Well, her fine ass makes up for that loud squawkin' comin' outta her mouth.
by banginballz February 09, 2012
1. likes to suck manapua. 2. gives really good advice on guys. 3. wears da boxers i gave him cuz CAN!
dat faka is one MICAH!
by mrs. sanchez#6 June 26, 2010

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