Super sex possition for shorter or extremely hott girls
We should bang tonight Micah Hardcore!
by James Murry January 16, 2008
An amazing person. Probably the greatest friend in the whole world. The planet could not survive without him. Put your trust with him. And never forget Micah.
Micah is the greatest person ever!
by SilverBlackRose June 04, 2011
A wonderful, incredible man. Who's inner beauty matches his outward attractiveness and charm. There is no one more desirable than he. His smile and laugh could soothe and defeat even the most disagreeable villain. His kisses and tenderness will keep you wanting more. His vibrant, blue eyes will surely captivate you within their array of exuberant hues. He is a lover and a friend. Both of which he performs with excellent brilliance. You can't help but want to spend every second of your time with him. His personality is unique and superb, and is garunteed to brighten any day. His talent will stop you right in your tracks. Such talent is rare, yet Micah holds it all in his being. He won't ever flaunt his awesomeness. His amazingness is nearly too great for mear words to convey. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have a Micah in your life.
"Check out that cutie over there, I know for a fact he is a Micah."
by LadyLazadazzle November 05, 2013
to set oneself on fire with alcohol or anything really
oh my god he fucking micahed himself douse him with coke!
by Eli Graham Dylan January 20, 2008
A girl name, in this case. Extremely sarcastic, never afraid to show off around guys and be who she is. Loves to dance and sing, even if it looks or sounds awful. Has many haters but isn't afraid to cuss them out. Eats as much as she wants but somehow never gets fat. Has a dirty mind and mostly uses it around friends. Of those friends are people that admire her dearly. Micah loves attention and will do a lot for it. She falls for guys easily because of how much she is a flirt. Flirts with many guys and sometimes does not realize it. She mostly loves attention from guys. She can only trust a few people. One of those people that can cheer you up in the worst moment ever and she will twist it to make it funny and put a smile on your face. Gives good advice depending on the situation. Can relate to most situations. Says something that pretends like she never said it. May seem evil but has a heart deep, deep, deep, deep down. Has her insecure moments but only shows them to her close friend. An all around amazing girl who loves to wear cute clothes.
(Micah climbs on top of car around boys athletic team)
Micah: Hey!! Hey guys!
Friend: Micah!!!! Get your ass down here, nobody is paying attention to you. You can stop showing off.
Micah: No i like it up here! My crotch itches.
Friend: Nobody wants to hear that and nobody is paying attention to you so just get down.
Micah: Too Bad
by 898989pop343434 February 25, 2012
A mysterious man and veteran of combat, who sometimes doesn't know his own potential. Learns quickly, charms everyone he meets and is the prime definition of a gentleman. Has a dark side, and temper that is much like him, can not be controlled. Always apologetic, tries to be sweet and kind to almost everyone. Goes out of his way to be a good person. Someone who needs to forgive and forget their past to be truly happy in their life. Has the last name Rue, and is a great friend and person, who I miss terribly. Is in a new country every 2 months, and wish he would come back. Has a desire to travel and learn languages like most buy pants. I miss you Micah, thanks for what you did! Me and my brother will never forget you!!!!
Did you see that spy movie? That was sooo Micah, no?

Did you see that military movie, that was Micah at his finest!

That guy over there is secret service for the President, he's such a Micah!

I couldn`t find my cat anywhere. It went Micah on me for days!
by Janice Pearson July 20, 2011
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