To pee. Short for micturate. It can be used as a subtle/polite way of saying you have to pee.
"Excuse me, I have to go mic".
by Jrcara January 15, 2012
Military Industrial Complex
We live in a MIC, a place that values war over common sense, predicted by Eisenhower.
by teeleef November 29, 2014
Racist name for the fucking awesome irish. Used by english pricks. Will get you beat if you aren't irish. Only irish can use it and and not get beat.
Saying "Bloody mic" will get you beat.
by timistspitze July 15, 2005
A common term and alternative way of saying male genitalia, penis, or dick. In rare cases it can mean ball-sack or balls.
Jim: "Man dude, that guy has no mic."
Joe: "Yeah, what a looser."
by KarmaHunter September 04, 2014
Australian for Michael.
Mate 1: Hey Jono!
Mate2: Hey Mic! Wort the fark you bin up too lately?
by TrueBlueOcca February 08, 2010
It's original definition was "Mini Internal Chuckle" (also written occasionally as "Mild inner Laugh"), used as a brief acronym to denote great amusement in chat conversations.

Invented to replace the inane "LOL" - which as well as being fucking annoying - is also bullshit as no-one ever "Laughs out Loud" when reading the musing of turds on the internet
Turd: LOL, that was funny
Turd2: MIC, not really - however, we're laughing at you, not with you.
by DukeGuy September 08, 2008
Made In China. Unreliable and poor quality product
Your GPS is a MIC. You've had it for only a couple of weeks and now it ain't working.
by apaczi February 27, 2010

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