Made In China. Unreliable and poor quality product
Your GPS is a MIC. You've had it for only a couple of weeks and now it ain't working.
by apaczi February 27, 2010
to play a trick or prank on someone, pronounced "mick"
Jock: "WTF u miced me"
Jim: "It was such a good mic"
by jewboy9312 July 27, 2010
pronounced "mick", often short for Michael

1. The most amazing husband anyone could ask for

2. Often making you smile so much that your cheeks hurt

3. Always putting others in front of himself

4. Someone who always wins at any game he plays
1. What a Mic. I can't imagine someone sweeter!

2. Stop it, my cheeks are starting to Mic

3. He so Mic'ed that...what a nice guy :)

4. I Mic'ed another game!
by sweepea February 02, 2010
a chick that looks like a dude but is still beyond hot. she's fucking amazing in bed and can use her tongue oh so well. she's a lesbian and very butch and is sometimes called Mike cuz she is often mistaken for being a guy. Guys have a tendency to hate on her cuz she pulls girls numbers without even trying and she's usually seen out and about with Jen by her side.
Mic jus got another hot chick's number. Do you think she knows Mic's not a Mike?
by tragic imperfctions March 16, 2009
Made in china sucks. well it's trash.
Me: he got his new ifong.
Kipps: what's that?
Me: iphone made from china.
Kipps: really?mics.
Me: true.
by UrHotSuckMyDickLater June 28, 2010
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