General term for an Irish man, more commonly spelled Mick. Recently it has come to particularly apply to either the average Irish or Irish-American nob end that think they're smart and don't drink too much and are fantastic at football, but in reality have delusions of grander, are usually alcoholic, possess an IQ less than that of a dead fish, are always getting locked up for stupid crimes, couldn't kick the shit out of a dead pig and have less football skill in their entire bodies than George Best had healthy livers (i.e. none).
What do you call an Englishman surrounded by a thousand micks? Warden! Haha, fucking micks.
by The Englishman April 17, 2008
1. another word for penis.
"I don't know if his mic is even on sometimes. He doesn't EVER make a move on me."
by DBella =) October 17, 2006
mics is the definition of shoes...he famous hood shoe is Jordans. Mike ..mics.
Ay, ma dude your mics is fucking hot!
by ,unknown, January 04, 2008
"it's McDaniels,
not McDondalds
....these rhymes are Daryl's
....the burgers are Ronald's!
keep it ol' school....sucka free!!!!
by ol' school nigga November 20, 2003
catholic mofo, no one likes a catholic
those mic's are burning the protestants again
by jc May 20, 2004
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