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Marked For Later. Used on Internet forums to mark a topic of interest to the user that he/she may not be able to view at the current moment (i.e., the user is at work and the topic contains a link that isn't safe for work).

By marking the topic with a post, the user can go back later and, usually by using a "My Latest Posts" feature, view the content.
Topic: Nekkid JAlba Pics

Poster 1: *fap* *fap* *fap*
Poster 2: At work... mfl
by clamum September 10, 2007
my fucking life
I can't believe I have to live another day of mfl.
by wayz November 08, 2010
Massive Fucking Laugh, otherwise abbreviated, MFL.

1. A direct replacement for LOL.
2. Generally used by those, who for whatever reason, do not want to use LOL.
Dude, that comedy vid made me MFL!
by laxr5rs July 12, 2012
Mormon For Life. Usually used by a Mormon after they have refused to do something that goes against their religion or have decided to "Choose the Right."
Cale: "Hey Thomas wanna beer?"
Thomas: "No bro, MFL"

Richard: "Hey Bennet, you coming to the Football game?"
Bennet: "No I can't. I'm going on a temple trip. MFL."

Rodrigo: "Hey would you wreck her if you got the chance?"
Joel: "Yeah of course! After we got married in the temple obviously. MFL."
by JG-Q July 14, 2013
Abbreviation of Mad for the Lash. Describes somebody who always goes out and gets steaming and see's themselves as lash bandicoot or the archbishop of steamingsville.
Martin:'Look over by there, there's Colin the steaming mess'
James:' Yeah he's always out, thinks he's crazy'
Martin:' MFL'
by messy fresher April 25, 2011
Mother Fucking Loser.

Similar to Mother Fucking Liar, except this applies to a hella lot more people.
I just heard from Carl last night. He says his marriage last year was "a big OOPsie" and wants to get back together. OMG, what a MFL!!
by scruzdoll August 01, 2010
MFL, or as it's more commonly known, Mental Fuck List is;

A list in one's head of men/women/men and women that a person would Love to fuck.

Although these targets may not necessarily be entirely realistic, it reassures the person that in their head they still have the ability and choice of whether to fuck the person(s) or not.
Ques; "What you thinking about over there mate?"

Answ from other mate; ."I bet he's thinking about his MFL, he can't wait to bone Ellie, did you see his eyes light up on Saturday night?!"
by PlatypusEnslaver July 28, 2011

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