MFL, or as it's more commonly known, Mental Fuck List is;

A list in one's head of men/women/men and women that a person would Love to fuck.

Although these targets may not necessarily be entirely realistic, it reassures the person that in their head they still have the ability and choice of whether to fuck the person(s) or not.
Ques; "What you thinking about over there mate?"

Answ from other mate; ."I bet he's thinking about his MFL, he can't wait to bone Ellie, did you see his eyes light up on Saturday night?!"
by PlatypusEnslaver July 28, 2011
Monkey Faced Liberal. Someone like Spud who lets his chin hairs grow out every Winter just so they can attract chimps and other females with excessive underarm hair. Not to be confused with JFL, who actually is an MFL but without all the face hair.
JFL and his SMIB homies be spankin' the monkey so much that they be one big MFL circle jerk, mofo.
by RNC January 10, 2008
Much Family Love, used by juggalos and lettes

Closely related to MCL
Cya lata juggalos n lettes, MFL
by Aly October 07, 2004
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