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In online games, to stun, stupify or bewilder (a monster or player character), so that it doesn't or can't attack.

Also: Mezzer, a character with this capability

(From Everquest: Mesmerise spell effect)
"Don't attack yet, let me mezz the boss"

"Oh FFS we need a mezzer"
by Kirruth May 07, 2004
A type of hair-style. It can be characterized as a mullet with extremely dense curls.
He's got a tight, curly mezz.

Look at that mezz hair.
by Monkey Houser April 07, 2007
Marijuana - found in older urban dictionaries of the 1960s.
From Mezz Mezzrow, the legendary white jazzman and Harlem pot-dealer who turned on Louis Armstrong and other jazz greats during the 1930s. I never heard it actually used on the streets in NY, but someone must have for it to be cited back then. Anyway, old Mezz needs to be remembered for something.
Got any mezz? I can't get a hold of my dealer?
by Sean Sweeney December 07, 2004
Something genuine or legitimate. Not necessarily marijuana. Term founded in Harlem by Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow who called himself the "voluntary negro." Mezzrow sold marijuana to both whites and blacks which also earned him the names "The Man Who Hipped the World" and "The Link Between Races".
"That Jamaican dude just killed the world record."
"Thats mezz. That guys an amazing sprinter."

"Check out some of this blueberry kush I just scored."
"Yea I puffed on that with you last night..."
"Oh... yea haha. That stuff's crazy mezz."
by kfenton1 April 28, 2010
When you make someone else lose all focus on everything. Either you say something, use hypnosis, or anything else. When this happens, the other person has been "Mezzed".
Sounds like he got mezzed.
by AccusedOfPerfectness March 30, 2011
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