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One of the best songs of the world from disturbed.

Look in my face, stare in my soul
I begin to stupify. Ah! x4
Look in my face, step in my soul x4
Look in my face! x3
I begin to stupify! Ah!
by Deathtoll October 11, 2005
To take something very difficult to understand and dumb it down so anyone can understand it.
While speaking with my customer about their network services, I had to stupify much of our conversation so they would understand me.
by NOCManager April 23, 2009
To confuse someone by the use of sheer stupidity. President Bush does it to you Americans often just no one seems to notice
Guy 1: Hey man ever eaten your breakfast out of a toilet bowl ?

Guy 2: What ?

Guy 1: How about walked into a womans wide vagina ?

Guy 2: Huh?

Guy 1: Yeh ! Stupify-ed you good !

Guy 2: Oh yeh nice one
by PerthBoy October 26, 2008
it can have many meanings, the one i know of is
to stupify is to
grab somone and smash their head on a rock in an attempt to either kill them or cuase brain damage to make them stupid.
its a verb in the definition

i will stupify you(threat)
by Trevor April 01, 2004
A variant spelling of "stupefy"; to make someone look stupid ...
Why do you always have to stupify me in public?!
by petermax July 14, 2010
to dazzle someone with beauty and classiness so overwhelming as to cause a brief period of dazed confusion followed by overwhelming joy and delight

what all the bitches at my funeral will be when they get a load of my solid gold plated double wide coffin with white silk lining and 24's with spinners all remote controlled up so it rolls and bounces and shit
Latreace: bitch was u at fishers funeral/bbq? i heard it was slammin.

Latrell: No bitch that shit was crazy. i was all stupify up. i wish that nigga never died.

Latreace: anotha nigga gone, anotha nigga gone.
by drpoonandtheteenangels November 21, 2009
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