a wise female. many dislike the fake that they 'tell it like it is'. a person who is real. very real. they can see people's type by looking into their eyes, like a therapist.
random guy:damn, youre fake! you need a friend name jazzman in your life!
by toby gansta May 07, 2011
Somebody who is genuinely cool and quite chilled out.
Random Guy: Wow, he's cool!

Indie Kid: Yeah, he's a complete Jazz man.
by that.kid.over.there November 27, 2010
a person with an elongated left foot
"yo man, waddup with that person walkin all hobbled?"
"man they just got some bad jazzman goin on, word"
by secretly submitted August 04, 2009

A word used to describe a member of any gaming forum who argues points that they never back up by any truths, facts or real-life examples.

Wow, that Quark23 is a real Jazz-man, he constantly argues points that cannot be backed up!
by Jumoschwanz April 10, 2006
a person with an extremly large left foot.
"wow, did you see that person"
"yah, they have a bad case of the jazzman!"
by Jessica + Russell <3 January 30, 2009
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