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Doing one thing, get sidetracked by two other things, then spending some time in the bosses office, never finishing the original item.
Damn I can't get anything done, I got Meyered. Why do my knees and butt hurt?
by Meyer Lover July 16, 2010
26 7
Being set upon by rabid Twilight fans, gushing about how incredible the books and/or movie are. The term comes from the author's name, Stephanie Meyer.
"I just spent 20 minutes in a chatroom listening to 14 year olds role-play kissing Edward Cullen. It was beyond creepy."

"Yikes, you've been totally Meyered."
by Ralf Maximus August 29, 2009
7 10
The act of getting dissed my a girl/boy when attempting to make a move on her/him.

{Word Originated from Jeremy Meyers (Meyered)}
Lindsay Meyered Jose when he attempted to make a move on her.
by iSmalls October 02, 2008
7 12
The feeling experienced after being at the receiving end of an exceptionally well-executed prank.
- "Dude did you just finish reading Breaking Dawn?"
- "Yes. I feel totally meyered"
by Elytorett October 09, 2008
3 9