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Doing one thing, get sidetracked by two other things, then spending some time in the bosses office, never finishing the original item.
Damn I can't get anything done, I got Meyered. Why do my knees and butt hurt?
by Meyer Lover July 16, 2010
The act of getting dissed my a girl/boy when attempting to make a move on her/him.

{Word Originated from Jeremy Meyers (Meyered)}
Lindsay Meyered Jose when he attempted to make a move on her.
by iSmalls October 02, 2008
Being set upon by rabid Twilight fans, gushing about how incredible the books and/or movie are. The term comes from the author's name, Stephanie Meyer.
"I just spent 20 minutes in a chatroom listening to 14 year olds role-play kissing Edward Cullen. It was beyond creepy."

"Yikes, you've been totally Meyered."
by Ralf Maximus August 29, 2009
The feeling experienced after being at the receiving end of an exceptionally well-executed prank.
- "Dude did you just finish reading Breaking Dawn?"
- "Yes. I feel totally meyered"
by Elytorett October 09, 2008
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