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a term used to describe cheap food from supermarkets "basic or economy" range, often said with an accompanying horizontal wave
"what have you got there?"
"no frills colslaw"
*child breaks down in tears*
by "mocking bird" September 27, 2006
restricted to what is essential or with no ornamentation
A no-frills vacation package was reintroduced to consumers.
by The Return of Light Joker September 30, 2009
Only the most Badass store. EVERYONE wants to work at Nofrills. And everyone who does HATES it but wont quit because Nofrills employees ROCK
Ashley: Hey Chase, What u up to today?!

Chase: Oh just goin to work at Nofrills!
Ashley: Hells Yes! Im Jealous. Nofrills is soo BADASS
by Awesomenesssssss July 19, 2009
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