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was created by the one and only pierce the veil. their music send subliminal messages that makes you eat burritos or tacos right after listening to their music
first person: your listening to pierce the veil?
second person: pshhh no im listening to MEXICORE
by esanchez830 August 21, 2011
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Pierce the veils new genre of music muahaha
" yea were starting a new type of music mexicore!!!" -Vic Fuentes
by Emily urie June 21, 2011
Mexicore is a type of music, created by Pierce the Veil. This music sends subliminal messages that make listeners eat burritos and tacos shortly after they listen to Pierce the Veil.
I just listen to some Mexicore, and now I'm gonna raid me some Taco Bell!
by stupidPseudonym May 27, 2014
something that has to do with mexico or mexicans and is hardcore.
Have you heard his new song, its so mexicore!
by Elizabeth Gregory June 12, 2008
A breed of human so heavy... so brutal that it can no longer be known as Hardcore. It must now be known as Mexicore.
Sean: Jake, you're one Mexicore son of a bitch!
Jake: I know it. thanks, bro.
by Jacob Gray & Sean Ward May 28, 2008
Something that is hard core Mexican. Used to describe clothing, cars, and personality but it is entirely possible (and usually more common) for someone to be mexicore and not Mexican themselves.
A lowered truck with custom pinstriping would be considered mexicore. Anyone who says homes, essay, or other assorted Mexican phrases would be mexicore.
by razer6890 September 06, 2007

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