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To have a job stolen from you.
Tom: You know that job I was going for?
Suzy: Yeah, why?
Tom: Some fucking mexican took stole it from me because he was willing to get payed 10 cents a day!
Suzy: Nigga, you just got mexicaned!
Tom: God dammit!
#niggered #mexican #nigger #mexicans #mexicaner
by Bobbylololololoolol October 29, 2007
A domestic car or truck such as a Chevrolet Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, or Impala that has impractical junk installed like 20+ inch rims, billet grill, emblems removed, chrome trim that doesn't match factory appearance, euro tailights, blue HID headlamps, custom exhausts, lowered ride height, and dark tint. Often it would be having other car problems apart from "looking fly". For Imports like Honda Civic, it would be lowered, have a custom muffler, euro tailights, and aftermarket racing wheels. Usually the driver of these type of vehicles would be of a Mexican descent, hence the termed "Mexicaned".
You see that debadged Chevy Tahoe with those big rims, euro lights, and blue HIDs? It's been Mexicaned!
#cars #mexican #man #hids #chevy #tahoe.
by newwordwatchdog July 19, 2010
A container of any type that is so full it becomes difficult to remove the contents.
I can't get any of these Milk Duds out of the box, they are all mexicaned in here.

Holy crap! Who mexicaned these boxes in the U-haul? It'll take days to get this shit outta here.
#mexican'd #jam-packed #racist #frustrating #full
by Joel E. February 21, 2009
to become incredibly hammered and make out with and almost be molested by a person inside of a close space
guy 1: Dude, you hear what happened yesterday?

guy 2: No what?

guy 1: Yeah, Candice got mexicaned last night.

guy 2: With who?

guy 1: Joe
#beer #booze #tongue #closet #make out #hammered
by pseudonym (not really) December 22, 2008
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