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Metrophobia, contrary to pop-cultural belief, means "fear of hatred of poetry." It does NOT have anything to do with women fearing so-called "metrosexuals."
Mum, I've told you 1000 times, your poetry is crap and I'm metrophobic!
by Nathan7 January 16, 2006
Adjective. Afraid of, disliking, or disapproving of metrosexual society and culture.
Your mullet suggests that you may be metrophobic.
by lkajsdfoiduo October 05, 2007
A woman who is deathly afraid of straight men who act gay, i.e. a woman of high intelligence.
What?! How can you NOT like the guy wearing the $300 shirt and drinking Shiraz over at the bar? You're so metrophobic!
by keekee December 08, 2003
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