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4 definitions by keekee

meaning something is very good or "tight"
That chicken tastes fie
Yo, that song is fie
by keekee October 09, 2003
143 98
Someone who masturbates often. Usually used to make someone feel special about their little hobby, or when the whole group's referring to said person.
a)"I am truly the master of bait."

b)"You know Jeremy, he's the Master of Bait."
by keekee May 30, 2005
6 4
he is a man of all types of things thats why i luv him as a rapper and i will luv him as my future man and kids father and in the fututer i hope to be a R&B singer on g-unit i already got g-unit tatoo on me thats how much i luv them
luv your song smile
by keekee November 24, 2003
1 23
A woman who is deathly afraid of straight men who act gay, i.e. a woman of high intelligence.
What?! How can you NOT like the guy wearing the $300 shirt and drinking Shiraz over at the bar? You're so metrophobic!
by keekee December 08, 2003
14 37