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Los Angeles frozen yogurt chain that's more addictive than crack.
"Are you hungry, man?"
"No way, dude. Let's just grab Pinkberry!"
by NatR April 18, 2007
1. An individual who has shaved his head in an attempt to appear hard or thuggish. Because the individual has shaved his head so recently, the flesh on the head appears to be pink. The term is typically used to describe those who fit the wankster profile.

2. A Los Angeles-based frozen yogurt chain. Extremely popular amongst the hipster crowd.
1. John: Fuck dude... I'm going to fight william after school. I'm scared.

Terrence: William? He shaved his head last week to try and look hard, but he's a total bitch. Don't be scared of that fucking pinkberry!

2. Hipster A: Hey, we should go get Pinkberry! It's so good, and it will make us look cool, too!

Hipster B: I know!! We should go, and then head to the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert afterwards!
by manny r. March 20, 2008
A pinkberry is when you successfully stuff one testicle into a a woman's vagina.
1. You know that chick Sally, I gave her the pinkberry two times, last night, both nuts, one right after the other. She fucking loved

2. He has big balls, so when he gave me the pinkberry, I squirted all over his tum-tum.
by Fatt Mels September 09, 2011
an aroused human female clitoris--first used when H. Slojewski discovered Addy Cohen's pinkberry in 1971 and he cried "Eureka!" He had been a virgin up to that evening.
Whoa, her lovely pinkberry was huge when she was aroused.
by Slojewski October 24, 2010
A code word used when a guy/girl wants to say someone is cute/hot/attractive without being obvious in a public setting. This can also be tailored to be more specific to their ethnicity as you see fit (Ex. Blackberry - Black, Yoloberry - Asian, Choloberry - Hispanic, Rajberry - Indian, Vodka Pinkberry - Russian, etc.)
It can be used as a noun or adjective.
"Pinkberry at 12 o' clock?"
"Ooh check out that pinkberry at the table over there."
by Pandaelephant December 09, 2013
To blow a raspberry against somebody's anus. A practice particularly popular in San Francisco, but not necessarily limited to gay men. A form of rimming or annilungus.
I squirmed like a pig when he gave me a pinkberry last night.
by randompole December 05, 2011
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