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To be charmed and tricked into buying goods you really don't want off a dodgey yet charming charactor, then to find out that the items you bought are cheaper to buy in shops.
Jack - I'm just going to see Wayne, i owe him some money. I won't be a minute dude.

Ken - OK mate, i'll wait here for you.

(10 minutes later)

Ken - What the fuck is all that shit?

Jack - It's an i-pod shuffle, a jumper, some sandals, a watch & a DVD player.

Ken - Sweet mate does he have more i-pods?

Jack - Fuck yeah, he has thousands in his spare room.

Ken - I'm gettin one.

(2 days later)

Ken - Dude them i-pods we bought are £5 cheaper in Argos you know?

Jack - Fuck! We have been well and truely Metcalfed !
by Del Boy Victim January 12, 2009
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