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A grumbled word which often indicates slight irritation or can be an indication that there is no good word to describe how you're feeling. Just a kind of blah feeling. Not strong enough to merit a curse word, but enough for meshi. Indicates a feeling of discontent.
Ugh, I've got work tomorrow...meshi.

How do you feel?

by Julia-Inventor of the term May 22, 2008
1> a ring of songs the radio keeps on repeating...over and over again...)x

2> a group of people smashing into each others (X

3> another name for a radio station yuuu listen to a lot(:
1> "Ugh...stupid radio....i already listened to those songs...what a meshi radio station!"

2> "I survived a meshi pit!"

3> I love my meshi (:
by Snowgirlover March 23, 2011
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