Means you are ugly, hideous, mugged
That b*tch is so damn MERKED!
by Neah January 15, 2007
As well as being owned or beaten up, merked has been used as a word that replaces 'take' or 'borrow' or 'steal'
That book just got merked

I'm gonna merk that helmet
by JessB February 28, 2006
To administer something to another. That causes an alteration to their consciousness.
To; merk (adverb) They got merked! Passed out on something they got a hold of at the party. That place got merked! Their is extacy in the orange juice they're serving! get it while it is fresh!
by dirty lil May 13, 2011
Getting raped, pillaged, mutilated, ambushed, brutalized, or in some other way murdered, such as by a mercenary for hire. Usually in a video/computer game.

Mercenaries are people who will work for anyone's army if they get paid well. They (historically) have a reputation for being vicious and not following normal military protocols.
*explosion* (pwnzor):you got merked!
by historical1 April 08, 2009
it menas to be beat up of to lose badly from south lodon from eski grime
lethal bgot merked by wiley bruv
by zakboyslim November 13, 2004
-Adj.- bieng high beyond comprehension
arglebabble snaggle daly" response "you're so merked right now, man
by girlslikeme69 July 01, 2010
Practically wasted, stoned, or demolished
"Get merked son!"
by Lauren272 April 30, 2010
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