to kill, steal, rape, pillage, etc.

Although other people are offering plausible etymologies for this word, I'm guessing it more likely is a "verbing" of a shortened version of mercenary, or soldier for hire. Just like narcotics officers became narcs, which then became a slang verb for snitching to cops, I think mercenary became merks, then merked became a slang verb for acting like a mercenary, or killing, robbing, etc.
He got merked for tellin' the wrong cat to kick rocks.
by J. Kevin June 28, 2006
To administer something to another. That causes an alteration to their consciousness.
To; merk (adverb) They got merked! Passed out on something they got a hold of at the party. That place got merked! Their is extacy in the orange juice they're serving! get it while it is fresh!
by dirty lil May 13, 2011
An exclamation that, when uttered in conjunction with taking an object, immediately transfers ownership from the original owner to the person using the word regardless of previous property rights.
"i just merked that kids bike"
"some 1 just merked my wallet"
"my boges got merked"
by bobbyboi1 March 23, 2006
As well as being owned or beaten up, merked has been used as a word that replaces 'take' or 'borrow' or 'steal'
That book just got merked

I'm gonna merk that helmet
by JessB February 28, 2006
it menas to be beat up of to lose badly from south lodon from eski grime
lethal bgot merked by wiley bruv
by zakboyslim November 13, 2004
-Adj.- bieng high beyond comprehension
arglebabble snaggle daly" response "you're so merked right now, man
by girlslikeme69 July 01, 2010
Practically wasted, stoned, or demolished
"Get merked son!"
by Lauren272 April 30, 2010

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