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noun; easy way out of something; almost always ending in a bad decision or with penalizing consequences.

well, I had brownies stuck in my teeth, took the merk route, thought swishing water in my mouth would help... nope, needed to brush them. Now I look like a fuckin' asshole all night with brown shit in my teeth.
by Tekron420 January 29, 2008
merk: noun; some one who goes on 4chan all day, avoiding their necessities of life, even in causing stress, drama and anger in other peoples lives.

merk: verb; the act of going on 4chan all day while not working, in many cases to avoid work but doing so in almost the same manner as working. (ex. office job)
dude if you're going to be a merkfag at least use more than one term other than "newfag" in your .

yeah I went to work and merked all day long, there wasn't much to do if the office.
by Tekron420 January 29, 2008

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