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Mispelling of the French merde. Means "shit."
Britain just told the U.S. that if France gives us any merde, we should nuke their derrieres.
by skyblack June 12, 2004
A nerd who loves the Marvel franchise. including comic books, cartoons, movies and TV shows.
She lined up for 2 days to get tickets to the first screening of the Avengers movie. What a merd she is!
#nerd #marvel #geek #dc #meek
by saankiip October 28, 2014
A portmanteau ( I hope I spelled it right) of Mexican and nerd. The merd in question is not necessarily Mexican or Mexican-American, but because ignorant people like to call Latinos Mexican, then, any Latino who:

-Hangs only with other Merds or with the (Asian) Nerds (A MUST)
-May or may not have Yellow fever
-Doesn't listen to Rancheras, Durangese, or any other typical Latin music
-Cannot get girls (or at least not Latinas...yuumm)
-Socially inept (Optional)
-Knows too much about computers (some IT- guys can still get laid ie Bill Gates)

is considered a Merd. This definition is brought to you by a son of a bitch who decided to make this word up.
Diego is Merdy. He can't dance, thinks a girl is hot just because she's Japanese, hangs out with Chinese nerds, doesn't party and thinks Rancheras suck.
#merd #mexican #asian #it #nerd
by Peter the Pervert September 05, 2011
Two merged words.
Merd (merged and word). Phwallet (phone and wallet)
#words #word #merged #merging #phwallet
by mid89uk April 12, 2013
slang word for mad; or mispronunciation of mad
That bitch was merd crazy last night!!
This jacket got merd pockets!
Those cupcakes were merd good!
#mad #gangster #sick #good #longisland #highschool
by anggripps March 23, 2011
Calling a person a Merd is short the term Monster Nerd
Tom does his homework and 5 minutes, never misses a science fair,and he is a member of the math and chess club he is such a Merd!

Monster Nerd
#geek #teachers pet #nerd #workaholic #dork
by mysterygirlblue August 04, 2009
1 shit

2 other expletive

3 bestest friend (dervied from merda-head, origins italian and french)
1,2 Oh, merd!

3 Merd, you'll never guess what happened today...
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
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