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1 schmoking weed

2 doin coke

3 drinking beers

4 all of the above
noinch noinch noinch... schmoking weed, schmokin weed, doin coke, drinkin beers...
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
1 one who is addicted to the sexiest man alive
Many women confess to being deppheads
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
to be modeled after depp...

1- to wear unique clothing styles

2- to grow sexy hair, often facial

3- to have eccentric tastes in any art form

4- to avoid the spotlight

5- to assert one's individuality
1- Look at those clothes! He's been depputized!

2- He depputized his hair.

3- She depputized her CD collection, she's got one from every genre

4- That star is depputizing.

5- The teenager depputized.
by Fritaly December 23, 2003

1- middle aged man playing a mortal king

2- one who eats roadkill
Viggo has a huge sword.

Don't ever eat dinner at Viggo's house.
by Fritaly December 23, 2003
1 shit

2 other expletive

3 bestest friend (dervied from merda-head, origins italian and french)
1,2 Oh, merd!

3 Merd, you'll never guess what happened today...
by Fritaly December 23, 2003

1 Specifically, a stupid cab driver

2 any other sufficiently stupid individual, especially those who ask for the impossible
I can't see you Fuckmook, I have no eyes.

You fuckmook, don't you know that game is rigged?
by Fritaly December 23, 2003

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