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A woman that is blonde and beautiful,most meems seem to have green eyes. Meems are your typical housewives that are great at making baked treats. You should find yourself a meem butGood luck finding one most of them are married or taken.
alfred: Did you see that girl drive by in that cherry red golf cart?

miguel: Yeah dude she way hot!

Alfred: No miguel she was better than hot she was a meem;)
by easy33 May 05, 2009
An endangered species discovered by OulapPlayer. MeeM come in 9 different kinds. They are usually found in Teufort Forest. Its most common form is "German Doctor." Their attitude ranges from gentle to flesh-rending
MeeM: MeeM!

Guy: Oh, look, a MeeM!
by Sparkpin December 16, 2012
What Eric Cartman from SouthPark calls him mom when he's mad.
by itachi5500s January 07, 2012
To relax, lay to rest, and/or go to sleep.
Lover was tired last night, so she decided to meem with me as I was relaxing on the couch.
by AJBNYC January 20, 2009
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