A trailer-trash, money grubbing whore who like being manipulative and vindictive. Usually found at trashy joints like strip joints and Hooter-like restaurants. Will do anything for a buck. Her deceptive nature is best captured by her physical beauty, though her mind works in a most devilish and ugly manor.
That poor man has been seduced by another mely.
by MELY June 12, 2003
Top Definition
sexiest girl alive
wow...i cant beleive how sexy mely is
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
usually a beautiful hazel eyed beauty, with a hot bod, she can be known as a bitch but on the inside shes a sweetie. her friends are jealous of her coolness and beauty, she sticks with one friend usually a blonde, mely is a wonderful goddess who is praised by all guys. she can be found shopping or with an on and off boyfriend who is usually hot.
ohmygoshhh i wish i was mely, shes got everything!
by gooogooooforgaga October 17, 2010
n- very big queer
My friend named mely is very queer
by Melanie Cyr April 18, 2003
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