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Essentially a bicycle which has fallen apart and is no longer rideable, but due to desparation it is used regardless. Original meltdown was manned by Plodman.
To qualify a bike as meltdown-esque, it must have at least 3 of the following:
- Brake cables snapped/no break mechanism
- No ability to shift gears
- A wheel so buckled you could classify it as voluptuous
- A warped and bent frame that is hardly able to support to weight of the rider
- The name of the rider scrawled upon the frame in permanent marker

Random chugger: "Hey Mox, did Plodman ride the meltdown tonight?"
Mox: "He tried, but he lost it's handlebars on a chugquest home last night. Let's get some chicks."
by Loz Cook April 12, 2009
something that is crazy fun or really tight. Usually said when having a good time.
Girl: Yo David, that party last night was off the chain!
Boy: Yea bitches were on my nutts nigga, fucking melt down!
by Katiia March 09, 2008
This is when someone farts "badly"
1st stage- Safety (normal)
2nd stage- danger (wet fart)
3rd stage- MELTDOWN (mustard comes outta the ass)
John made a meltdown and people laughed at his yellow pants.
by EViL MARshMeLL0 August 09, 2004