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A general feeling of sadness arising from looking at breasts that remind you of breasts you used to know.
As Francois and Simone are getting hot and heavy in the diner...
Simone: Do my breasts upset you?
Francois: No, they just give me meloncholy.
by Peter Rockefeller Jnr October 17, 2011
16 14
The Choly Of Melons.
Simalar to Meloncoddle
The coddle of melons.
Person #1-Hey stop that meloncholy.
Person #2-what?
by Humera/Nells February 21, 2009
2 10
A gloomy state of mind, achieved after eating a copious amount of fruit.
Dudo 1: Hey man, you comin' up the recreation ground fo' some swingage?
Dudo 2: Ah I dunno... feeling kinda bummed...
Dudo 1: Been eating that mango?
Dudo 2: Yeah...
by AlbusOK October 03, 2007
19 51