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only the best "madagascar" character.. a hypocondriact (or however you spell it) giraffe that owns!!. not is it only the best character but i mean seriously.. who doesnt want that as there nickname? *Probably makes sense for ppl with the name that starts with Mel*
Example 1 = Person 1 = Have you seen madagascar??
Person 2 = Yeah, Melman owns!

Example 2 = Person 1 = So.. what should Melissa's nickname be?
Person 2 = Melman Of course ;)
by Melman December 21, 2006
(v): To laugh uncontrollably while trying to run or jog. May cause arms and legs to feel like jell-o.
Spectator #1: Why is that girl running so weirdly? And why is she smiling?

Spectator #2: Looks like she's melmaning.
by Kmart725 July 16, 2010

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