A fad created in GameFAQs, from the game Pandemic 2, where the country of Madagascar is the main reason why players lose the game. In Pandemic 2, the player tries to infect the world with a disease and attempt to wipe out humanity. Madagascar is a country hard to infect because it only has one port to infect it from, and it tends to close the port down even when the infection is not "big." Thus, people lose the game, and people complain. A few comics have also been made.
Comic: http://i34.tinypic.com/2cesq4k.jpg

Transition example
Topic Creator: Wow, they put tomatoes in my burger when I told the, not to. I'm mad.
Poster: President Madagascar!
They put tomatoes in our burgers!
by ryanxwonbin July 23, 2008
The big African Island, as large as Texas, populated by Malagasy people and many unique species, among them the lemurs.
Gorgeous but poor country...
One of the places you'd love to visit before you die.
by Mialy June 23, 2005
Type of automobile developed by the engineer "Madagas".
"My Madagascar only gets 3 miles to the gallon, but who cares--we're on a friggin island."
by cheescracker April 08, 2003
an island nation in Africa whose only useful contributions to the planet are lemur monkeys and Freddy Mercury.
Hello and welcomne to the Lemur Terminal of Freddy Mercury International Airport.
by Shawn E. April 23, 2003

Slang term used to describe a nice booty. A VERY nice booty. Used as code when the woman with the booty in question is within hearing distance.
*girl with nice booty walks by*

Boy 1: DAMN...did you see that?
Boy 2: Hell yeah. Madagascar!
by Percy Sugarwillows April 21, 2006
a clearly low budget movie made by the guys who made Shrek. i saw it yesterday, and must say that its the biggest load of shit ive ever watched. very shitty story line.
"i saw madagascar. i wanted to punch the director of this movie in the face"- quote from someone who saw the premire of the film.
by Bad Boi August 08, 2005
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