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Mispronounciation of "milk." Common among midwest USA people.
Mom, can I have a glass of melk?
by MastermindSith February 20, 2005
Dutch word for milk.
A milk moustache would become a 'melksnor'.
by Maglor May 28, 2005
Minnesotan pronunciation of milk
Drink 3 glasses of melk a day!
by John July 08, 2004
Another word for jizz, hopefully stopping people from saying "melk" instead of milk.
I totally melked in Lisa last night!
#milk #jizz #cum #come #came
by nightfire36 March 29, 2011
a noun which means someone who is very chill all the time but will explode when necessary. somone who is willing to drive you anywhere as long as he can get something out of it in the long run. a melks can also get very angry if he does not get invited to go out with everyone for a cheesesteak.
He was being a melks when he wouldnt give us a ride because it had no benifit for him.
#prudent #chill #relaxed #always ready to explode #always a male
by Gingerbread Man June 07, 2006
noun. acronym for semen.
verb. to spunk.
omg guys, jon just melked all over the toilet! he better clean up!
#semen #spunk #cum #milk #spooge
by 12334540qwghjspoi November 21, 2010
better drink than "milk"
call the cool kids say melk instead of milk
TAYLOR-i like melk with my cerial
BEN-ur an asshole
by tayler cladnEy April 07, 2004
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