A white and liquid substance, ususally spoiled if left unrefrigerated.
Brother 1: Hey, yore pouring orange jus in yer cereal ! Go get the melk, man!

Brother 2: No... its bad and it smells funny .
by Barry B.A. , North America January 07, 2010
better drink than "milk"
call the cool kids say melk instead of milk
TAYLOR-i like melk with my cerial
BEN-ur an asshole
by tayler cladnEy April 07, 2004
A song by MOFOFUNKA. Gott Melk
"Here's a new one by Mofofunka. It's called Gott Melk."
by funkbox August 21, 2003
'Milk' pronounced as 'melk' by a little Chinese boy who can't speak English.
It's velly nice leather today!
I loul'd like a glass of melk!
by `tr4sh.Y April 09, 2004

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