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in persian (farsi/iranian) it means a princess. but the indians have a versian of mallika which means lotus.
1)hey look at that mallika flower
2)she is such a melika
by m3l;k@ August 24, 2009
Famous Persian rapper. Burst onto the scene with her original record, "FBP". She has never publicly stated what the letters mean. Is currently working on sophomore effort entitled "incestual foreign pornos" that is apparently very political.

Extremely attractive with thin waist and is very buxom. Rides in an armored black jeep to avoid constant male attention.

Little know fact she is only half-Persian.

Rumoured to be into very adventurous and into deviant sex.
(1) Melika threw down some bomb tracks
(2) I wish I could get with Melika
by FJP-rati August 16, 2010
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