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A girl who has a pure heart and will never change her opinion for the sake of others. It doesn't seem like it, but she's always trying her best, even though she's always complaining, she only does it because it motivates her and because she knows she is much more then what she seems. She's one of the best people you'll ever meet, always smiling and laughing around friends, she is a pocket of sunshine. Even if you piss her off, it won't get her down and she will always do what's best for herself and others. However, be careful what you say around her, she's always listening, and all your words go straight to her heart. She seems pretty tough and mean, but that's only because she doesn't want people to get too close, for them, not her because she's REALLY self-conscious. She falls hard, and pretty hard, however when she gets back up, you should be afraid.

She will forgive, but never forget.
Never lose a Malika, man, take care of her or let her go.
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Damn that girl is FLY. She's just like Malika.... now i feel like going home and jenking off.
by flyashsilo November 11, 2008
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My hommie man dis chic is wayyyyyyy 2 heavy u feelin ma vibe? she ain't a junje and she kinda frigid but fuk dat man she's so safe who actually cares?! she wears all da designer shit dats abowt man she got nuff dough in her pockets!! BIG IT UP 2 MY GIRL MALIKA!!!!
by Lil Gangta Girl August 10, 2003
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A pasty white teenaged male, who has few friends, but parties like everyone loves him... When in fact they do not.
Q) Whats a beautiful woman like you doing with a malika like this?
A) Hey, what can I say she is into malikas...
by Anonymous September 08, 2003
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