Malicious Evil Leech
Oh God There Goes A M.E.L
by Hihihihihihihihjhihihi August 09, 2009
When used as a verb.

The act of inflicting violence against another person - to mel someone in.

Although the use of this term appears to have died down somewhat, the most frequented use of the word would be in the north of England, particularly around the Humberside area, circa mid-late 90s in particular.
Stop bein a cunt or I'll mel your head in!
by the_forge May 31, 2011
My Eternal Love
endearment greeting salutation loveacronym abbreviation

Used as a greeting when writing a letter to a lover or sweetheart.

To M.E.L.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
W.A.M.L.(with all my love)
Your Romeo
by CentauRita November 04, 2011
An awesome person who's probably the best person you've ever seen or heard of. A guy named Mels, usually has black or dark brown hair, is intelligent, nice, sexy and great. You're very lucky if you've ever met a guy named Mels.
He's Mels= He's awesome
by Melsyo January 31, 2014
crazy pyscho bitch, will fuck anything that walks, stay at least a mile away or will consume your soul
mel is a crazy pyscho bitch
by melisacpb July 02, 2012

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