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a pretty, intelligent, sophisticated, classy girl, aka the coolest girl ever.
Hey, isn't mehreen in that movie, The Tits that Saved XXXMas?
by mike January 30, 2005
She's a funny girl. Never likes to be bored. She loves to party and have a good time. Beautiful, but clever. Hates school. Very chill and calm, but can be crazy and loud at times. She is nice. Not a boring person. Really outgoing to.
Person: Mehreen, you pretty crazy.
Mehreen: Haha, i knoww!
by idontknowwhattoputsoyeah February 23, 2013
Someone who is overly spastic and and worries 100% of the time. This person usually is in constant state of panic and disarray and therefore uses whining and complaining to try to pull in others to he hole of worrying. Mehreens may be intelligent people, however still are incredibly and extremely annoying.
Teacher "There is a an exam today"
Person " OMG OMG OMG whats it on? im SOOOO gonna fail! i didnt study! OMG!"
Person 2 "Shut the hell up, Mehreen"
by BritishChicken December 07, 2009

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