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n. Derogative. Meff is to describe an alcoholic homeless person, or a 'tramp' who lives in a house.

The word first originated in Liverpool, England, where it is still used as an insult.
Look at that guy, he's a proper meff.
by Lpoolboy March 28, 2005
A word that originated in liverpool which was originally used to describe someone who drank meths... now however it means something completely different that is hard to put your finger on. Its a insult but not, kind of like a ditsy idiot. someone who doesnt quite fit in, has the wrong brands... but again still hard to explain...
'my trainers are nicks' 'aw man thats well meffy! you meff'
'my mum shops at nettos' you total meff'
'says something stupid, like england will float if theres global warming coz were an island' omg how stupid are you you f*****ing meff!'
by artyfartybird April 01, 2007
A 'meff' is a slang word for describing somebody with low value or scruffy clothes.
"Your a meff!"

"Go buy some new clothes you little meff"
by Miscellaneous January 25, 2004
a homeless pisshead (as in "meff" alated spirit drinker)
look at him, he looks a right meff
by nicky w October 22, 2003
...a scruffy, unkempt person, usually of North-West England descent.
Liam Gallagher, the homeless...etc...
by Jay C June 02, 2004
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