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It's the sound Isz makes when communicating, or before getting squiched by The Maxx.
Mr. Gone - "Too bad, I normaly hate killing amnesiacs."
Isz - "MEEP!"
by Apanserdig June 12, 2004
Meep; n.; verb; to meep: 1)A quick kiss on the lips; 2)A peck shared between friends or aqaintances in a manner such that no mutual affection need be shared.
To use Meep in a real-life situation, it would look something like this.
"I want to kiss someone..."
"Well I don't like you, but I'll kiss you."
"But aren't kisses supposed to be special?"
"Not if we Meep! A Meep will allow me to kiss you with no strings attatched!"
by Erica Bruce September 26, 2006
1. A sexual sound
2. An expression of pure boredom.
2. Person1: Dudee I'm sooo fucken bored.
Person2: Samee.
*15 minutes later*
Person1: Meep.
by fucken_maggot March 19, 2007
See "Red of Khell"
by Double Threat January 16, 2004
1. a pinch of someones elbow or nose followed by the shouting of "MEEP"
2. a word that can be used in place of anyother word
3. a very small cock
4. exclamation for someone hot!!!!

meep vb, meeper n., meepin adj.

definition for meeper

1. someone that meeps your elbow or nose
Go meep your mom.

You need tweezers to piss with that meep.
by Lee Lee November 21, 2003
someone of asian persuasion
hey, check out those meeps over there
by Adam non-meep April 18, 2007
a barely peceptible sheen on the surface of a stringy substance in the light of dusk.
The word is used when describing edible trash removed from a dumpster for the purpose of dining.
"People have this perception that it's gross or dirty, but as long as you can see the meep, you won't get sick. It's a real feast".
by Tom June 14, 2006