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When a female snorts a line of cum, as if she was snorting a line of cocaine.

To snort cum with a funneled object up your nose.

I sat there watching her, as she was meeping my line.
#meeping #meep #meeped #meeps #meeper
by Koston May 28, 2007
To 'meep' is to talk and talk and talk without really adding anything to the conversation. If you meep, you don't really have anything interesting to say, you're just speaking because you can.

If you meep, you become, a meeper.

The words 'meep' and 'meeping' and 'meeper' were created by Benjamin off Big Brother Australia 2012.
"So uuum, today I went phone shopping, and like i was gunna get an iphone 5, but like i didn't. So then like I was gunna get an iphone 4S, but then like - "

"Stop meeping, Charlie!"

"Yeah, what a meeper."
#meep #meeper #meeping #big brother #conversation #pointless #talk #talking
by TheLostUnicorn07 October 05, 2012
the act of being so tired that one's speech and actions no longer make sense.
One time Jake had so much homework that he started meeping so bad; he started running around his bedroom flapping his arms and screaming ‘I’m batman!
#crazy #tired #sleep #what #nonsense
by SexyNarwhal March 09, 2015
Meeping is the process, activity and art of creating still or moving pictures by recording radiation on a radiation-sensitive medium, such as a photographic film, or an electronic sensor. Meeping uses foremost radiation in the UV, visible and near-IR spectrum.1 For common purposes the term light is used in stead of radiation. Light reflected or emitted from objects form a real image on a light sensitive area (film or plate) or a FPA pixel array sensor by means of a pin hole or lens in a device known as a camera during a timed exposure. The result on film or plate is a latent image which is subsequently processed by a developer into a visual image (negative or diapositive). An image on paper base is known as a print. The result on the FPA pixel array sensor is an electrical charge at each pixel which is electronically processed and stored in a computer (raster)-image file for subsequent display or processing. Meeping has many uses for business, science, manufacturing (f.i. Meepithography), art, and recreational purposes.
Whilest meeping, meep meeps meople.
#meep #meeped #meeping #meeper #meep.
by punkyitz August 02, 2010
to be having 80 base dex.
My warrior fails because it was meeping
#meep #maple story #mmorpg #gfaqs #awesome
by xXAznGURLXx July 13, 2008
To meep or the act of making a high-pitched sound.
My cat just started meeping.

Did you hear that meeping sound?
My favorite muppet is the one that is always meeping.
by A guy who submitted a word January 11, 2016
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