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the leader of nerds who possesses magical powers
That meeb is taking over the world.
by Chyaa April 26, 2005
A attractive female or hot chick. Used in public to announce to your friend hot chick in sight without her having any idea you are talking about her.

Can be an adjective or noun.
Bro, check out that meebs!

She is so meebs!
by TheBradzter June 17, 2012
A musical weeaboo --> m + weeb = meeb
Guy 1: "yo mayn, did you band that meeb last night"
Guy 2: "Yeah bro, she got good rhythm"
by 2chainzs April 08, 2015
this is a word the is short for '' you're telling me''
two guys sitting at a play:

guy 1: dude, this play is shit

guy 2: MEEBS!!!!!!!!
by ali m March 02, 2007
The result of when you shave your ball pubes and stop at your groin area.

Having an unattractive amount of hair only to be found on your groin, legs, and ass.
Dude, don't hookup with her, I heard she has a meebs!

Holy shit! Look at his meebs!

Nice meebs.
by Happy Birthday Chops December 06, 2009
A cross between ceebs, a pronouciaton of the abbrievation CBA, or cant bee arsed, and meh

meh+ceebs= meebs
"Hey can you help me with this?"
"uhhh meebs help"
by mishypie July 07, 2009
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