When something is good
Hey! That new song is meaty!
by Al October 29, 2003
The act of behaving like a meathead.
Wow Sarah, you got really meaty when you crushed that beer can on your forehead!
by denigod August 24, 2006
1.Something that is fat
2.A penis too large for the bearer
"bloody hell, that's meaty you son-of-a-bitch!"
by The meatmister May 20, 2003
Glasgow patter;

Meaty is used to describe the likes of a cool sounding part of a song, something thats found to be cool, or a physically big/thick object (most commnly a bag of weed)
'This guitar riff is pure meaty'
'aye mate a just got a meaty bit a hash'
'your arms are pure meaty lookin mate'
'that burds got a meaty booty man shes gettin the bone'
by amadman July 05, 2007
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