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The condition of having too much cock in the mouth.
Because of Yosef’s meatload, he was unable to breath and passed out, whereupon cocks were drawn on his forehead.
by PoopsMcG January 15, 2009
Precise definitions vary, but it is generally accepted as "an overtly sexual act or part of anatomy, especially the male anatomy."
by solidshadows June 12, 2012
1. blow job
2. miss-spelling of meatloaf.
'dude. that chick just took a meatload.'
(typing) 'are you going to the bat out of hell meatload tour?'
by Jiggins April 30, 2005
A tastey delight that comes out of ones anus that could resemble meatloaf. Its taste depends on what the person who created the meatload ate 6-8 hours prior to the birth of the meatload.
Whats for dinner mom?- Jill
MEATLOAD!!- Mother (Debbie
by Jennnnnnnnnnnny D August 11, 2006
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