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meaning top of the range. cream of the crop. the dogs bollucks.
'yo dude, check out my new blades...'
'Jam... on... toast'
by Jiggins April 14, 2005
1. blow job
2. miss-spelling of meatloaf.
'dude. that chick just took a meatload.'
(typing) 'are you going to the bat out of hell meatload tour?'
by Jiggins April 30, 2005
a man who takes too many meatloads
someone who luuuurves the meat.
dude, that guy over there? total. fucking. meatlord.
by Jiggins May 23, 2005
someone who spends ridiculous amounts of money on his nice shiny bicycle. he likes men and thinks he's a guitar master.
look at him... he's a bit of a shaun pell over there.
by Jiggins April 14, 2005

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