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a girl with lots of makeup and kind of trashy but really hot, so she makes you want to shove your meat in her face.

a kind of scruffy, maybe grimeyish but hot guy; maybe some tattoos; makes you want to shove your meat in his face.
a hot but trashy boy or girl who you want to meatface
by leahhh louu August 16, 2009
a person who purposly glues meat to their face for an unknown reason.
the meat can be glued on in various ways such as, with a hinge.
"i say, that man appears to have meat on his face, therfore he is a meat face"
by jesus 09 August 29, 2008
an insult. a person who annoys drunk people by offering distastefull food and tells boring stories and bad jokes.
wow, i didn't know theresa was such a meat face!
by tito the bandito August 03, 2008
to be the lamest of the lame. if you are a meat face then you need to die.
Andrew, you are such a meat face. Spencer is the master.
by Spencer Ruthaferd July 10, 2008