a chicks mut-mut flaps (vagina flaps)
Check out her meat curtains hanging out her undies!
by lans April 10, 2003
open her meat curtains and enjoy the view
by mia cunt May 11, 2003
What barely-pubescent boys call a vagina that hasn't been nipped and tucked and posted on Hustler.
Meat curtains are a very common trait among women, actually.
by Buffalo billy bobb July 07, 2009
a females outer lips of her pussy
you love eating meat curtains
by thisgirllovesthatgurl July 29, 2003
A Woman's Vagina.
'My god she had the meatiest meat curtain I ever did see.'
by Roule Duke October 09, 2011
A vagina, preferably with large flaps of skin that fold over.
Tim - "Dude, I pounded that chick Jessica's meat curtains last night."

Dave - "Sweeeet"
by zker666 July 06, 2010
Part of the vagina that resembles the Hanger Steak which is a thick strip of meat from the underside of the beef cow.
i'm not sure what tasted better tonight, the meat curtains or the hanger steaks.
by melvin2255 July 14, 2009
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