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12 definitions by Gem

a boy or girl either who has a perfect smile or is very attractive both looks and personality. it could also mean that someone is cute when they're lonley
Sophie: look at him sitting there on his own.
Gem: i know he's so small and cute...i wonder what he's thinking...
by gem October 23, 2004
1. Spanish word for pencil sharpener

2. Nice random word to be used when the conversation is getting kinda boring

3. Prettiest word in all of spanish language, obsessesed over by spanish teachers around the world
Fred- "..."
George- "..."
Fred- "Sacapuntas!"
by Gem March 19, 2005
A show about a gay duck and his friends.
Queer Duck! He's Intellectual! Queer Duck! He's homosexual!
by GEM July 26, 2004
(v) the state of being really confused and puzzled.
Those who cannot speak English makes me confuzzled.
by gem November 26, 2004
Irish phrase used in the North of Dublin to question the truth of a given statement, or the honesty of the speaker
A: Hey I just shagged Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell at the same time.
B: Ask-me-Bollox ye lying cow.
by Gem September 23, 2004
An idea invented by my friend and I on a drunken night out; piss-clips are large clips, similar to hair clips, which are used to hold up the rolls of fat on clinically obese people so that when they sit down to piss the excess fat doesn't sag into the toilet and get in the way. Can also be used as a term of abuse, for example:
"She's so fat she needs piss-clips!"

or, more simply:

"You stupid piss-clip!"
by Gem April 13, 2005
short form for "Don't get it". Popular us among urban youth who don't quite understand something.
Daniel: An e-card may defeat the point.
Germaine: Eh? I dungettit
by Gem February 16, 2005